Designers This Is A Game Changer

Bringing MetalMorphose Real Metal Coatings To Your Designs.

Here are some guide lines if you would like to bring our Liquid Metal Coatings into your designs and projects.

1.First, be as creative as you want. If you can "imagine it metal©" we will bring it to life.

2. Also our MetalMorphose Metals can survive the toughest environments. Outdoors and Indoors.

3. Its best to get us in on your project in the early stages. There is a lot of grinding, sanding and polishing. It is real metal after all. That way we can metalize components in our shop and bring to site ready to install. We can metalize onsite, especially in the early stages of construction.

4. Cost effective and light weight. When compared to cast metal, sheet metal costs and installation prices our liquid metal finishes are less in cost and weight.

5. It ain`t paint. It is real metal. Metal paint is paint with flecks of metal sporadically floating in the paint. Our metal coating are +/- 97% real metal. Pure metal ground into a very, very fine powder. It is then mixed with a specialized binder. The science behind its strength is called the Micelle Effect.

6. We have several metals, many patina effects, and unlimited texturing and layering possibilities.

Polished Bronze Awning.

Polished Bronze Awning

Ideas? Here Are A Few

Exterior Entry Doors
Interior Doors
Wall Art
Interior Trims
Exterior Trims
Hood Fans
Head Boards